An animation experiment using some Super8mm test footage from Boston in 2015 and some poetry.

An Entirely Brief History of Publication

As the website goes through some small changes, it becomes more sensible to organize this page chronologically, rather than by content: internal blog posts and site-external publication occuring in the same scroll.

In this post is contained all publications up to this point, as the previously appeared on their own page. Going forward they will be posted as-published. 


Short Stories

Gold Flecks — Late Homework (October '17)

Cookie — Postcard Shorts (July '17)

Watch — Postcard Shorts (December '16)



Snow Couplet — Late Homework (September '17)



Reflecting on Warm Room Season — Tahoe Mountain News (May '17)

Connie's Clothesline Flooded Out — Tahoe Mountain News (February '17)

Prioritizing Story, or Why You Should Kill Your Darlings in the Edit — Filmmaker's Process (July '16)



Reflecting on the Election — Tahoe Mountain News (November '16) 


Until next time...

Blog Post No. 1 — These Won't All Be Numbered

I have never written a blog before, which is why this is Number One.  Likely these will be more like creative updates, philosophical ramblings, and other short-form essays.

I'm living in South Lake Tahoe, and trying to write as much as possible. Not all of it will be for this website — most of it will not — but occasionally things might show up here.